KlikWeb is produced by PT. Cipta Mega Kurnia which specializes in the field of multimedia developer, such as making television commercials, video company profile, video product profile, video biography, documentation, video tutorial and others. Understanding that the Internet has now become an indispensable part of every business line, we have therefore formed a new division: Website Development and Digital Marketing Agency.

With this novel division, we  desire to create  an easy and effective e-commerce system  in accordance with the market conditions. In addition, we would like to educate the people that the Internet is not only limited  for browsing, reading and looking for information , but it also provides  a great opportunity to create business. We  want to encourage and help people from various backgrounds to use Digital Marketing to achieve  their business goal.


If we had time to explore, creating a website is not about having the best  design or using  the most advanced IT systems with various super features. However, it is more about having  a value that can bring traffic and consequently, able to convert it to become customers.

Thus, there are three important areas to be cultivated :

  • Artwork Creation to create a creative Visual Communication and selling.
  • Advanced  Information Technology (both hardware and software including analysis, programming  and server setup)
  • Advanced  Digital Marketing System and Marketing Strategies ranging from generating traffic, converting traffic into customers, up selling strategies, maintaining customers, etc.  Another thing that should not be overlooked is the experience and understanding of what is happening in the world of internet businesses, developments, trends and the level of competition both locally and internationally.

KlikWeb  is experienced in offline and online marketing, we clearly understand those three significant sides that must be there when creating a website. And of course,  the end goal of any business is profit and we certainly will provide an effective Digital Marketing solution : to be able to create and increase the profit margins. With our dedicated team which consists of experts in many different disciplines, we are ready to provide the perfect solution to all clients to be successful.




Website Development

Making websites, including web design and web programming, and integrating it with Digital Marketing System according to the needs of your business. Let’s have a consultation first with our friendly team, because it is one of our standard service

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency services include: Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO), and Digital Marketing Training.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Services to improve the ranking of your website to be top 10 in search engines by using keywords – specific keywords relevant to your business website

Digital Marketing Training

This training is a great place to start your digital marketing skills. It gives marketers a complete overview the digital marketing landscape including all the essential disciplines, how they fit together and how to assess what’s right for your strategy and where you need further in-depth learning.

The training helps make sense of the rise of digital by examining the technological evolution that has driven social and behavioural change. The aim of this training is to equip delegates with the confidence, the tools and the techniques to build the right digital strategy for their organisations.

Care about Digital Marketing for business? KlikWeb provide training services as follows:

  • Social Media Marketing Training

Social Media is an online media where user can easily participate, share and create content. Social Media can include: blogs, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) and forum. Enhancing the brand using social media is one of the new ways to advertise.

  • Affiliate System Training

Affiliate system means MORE SALES, it’s a popular method of promoting web businesses. Howdoes it work? Compensation may be made based on a certain value for each visit (Pay-per-click), registrant (Pay-per-lead), or a commission for each customer or sale (Pay-per-Sale)

  • Email Marketing System Training

Effective online campaign can be conducted simultaneously through the promotion system called email marketing also known as Newsletter or email blast . The system will help you to promote your products through your customer’s inbox effectively and most importantly: cost-efficient.

  • Web Maintenance Training

Websites require regular maintenance such as updating content and graphics, keeping the web up-to-date in order to display the latest products and services from your business,communicating with customers, and adding new features. Whatever your business is, you need to do maintenance on the website in order to ensure that you are getting the highest return on your investment. Web maintenance services can be suited to the needs of your business.

Support System

This system is closely related to marketing activities.It includes email ticketing with ID, live chat with chat history, visitor monitoring, help-desk for the user, knowledge base – a filling system for FAQ, etc …These support systems strongly assist the customer service team to help your customer

E-commerce Services or Online Store

These trading activities on the internet, or better known as e-commerce, are becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. We facilitate this by making a user-friendly online store that has been integrated with Social Medias.




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    Campina Ice Cream Store
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Work In Progress

  • PusatAfiliasi
    Pusat Afiliasi

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